Parmesan Reggiano Vs. The Cheap Stuff

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All cheese is created equal, right? Think again! In America, the cheese you’re eating may not actually be the one it’s labeled as. Say what?! In the last 10 years, many have discovered that the cheese they think is parmesan, is not parmesan at all.

In Europe, more specifically Italy, they take their cheese very seriously. Parmesan-Reggiano, the real name for what we consider parmesan cheese, may only contain three ingredients by law: milk produced in the Parma/Reggio region, salt, and rennet, a thickener. It is illegal to have any Cellulose Powder, Potassium Sorbate, and Cheese Cultures in any cheese labeled Parmesan-Reggiano in Europe. Yet, in the United States, all those rules and regulations go out the window. Big-name cheese producers in America put all three of those yucky illegal substances in their parmesan cheese, to the point where their cheeses were banned in Europe!

The Big-name companies in American producing this cheap, faux cheese are giving Parmesan-Reggiano a bad rap! Parmesan-Reggiano, dubbed “The King of Cheeses”, at heart is a very natural, healthy, and delicious cheese. Most people in American haven’t even tasted real Parmesan-Reggiano. At Mason Dixie, we respect the cheese process and only use REAL Parmesan-Reggiano in our Garlic & Parmesan biscuits, none of the fake stuff! Next time, don’t settle for anything less than the real thing, especially when it comes to cheese.

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